The corrugated metal sheets and insulating panels are complemented by an articulated series of specific accessories and standard or customized components.

    The use of modern high-precision machines, equipped with digital controls, allows the realization of fittings with radiuses of curvature that meet the Customer's requests.

    The furnishing accessories are ideal for solving, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, all the finishing problems of building works.

    Punched hinged ridegs, simple ridges or other types of metal fittings are available in stock or can be produced on request.

    Materials Used

    Galvanized, Prepainted, Inox, Aluminum nat / prever., Copper.

    Sheet Thicknesses

    Thickness from 5/10 to 30/10.

    Standard Press-folded

    (Available in stock)

    - Gutter: square, round and shape.
    - Die-cut semi-ridge (for panels and metal sheets) and not die-cut
    - Standard die-cut semi-ridge (chinese cap) and roof converses
    - Die-cut rear baffle and frontispieces
    - Simple side flap (above/below tile) and die-cut
    - Downspouts (diam. 80 mm - 100 mm - 120 mm)
    - Internal and external corners and U-shaped channel
    - Printed and press-formed snow guards
    - Foam cover faceplate for Delta 3/5 - Kappa 3/5


    This section is completely dedicated to the world of design and collects everything that interests designers who work in CAD. Through this section precious material is available for collection of construction details and installation of Isometal pre-insulated panels.

    Pannelli isolanti sandwich da copertura

    Production under Isolpack license

    Isometal is associated with Confindustria

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