Mission & Values

Mission & Values


Isometal Srl is a modern company, specialized in the production of monolithic and self-supporting pre-insulated metal panels for roofs, walls and ceilings, to be used in the industrial and civil sector. The use of these products allows to satisfy any need for thermal and acoustic insulation, thanks to the different types of materials (polyurethane, mineral fiber) and the different thicknesses of insulating material. A cutting-edge technology, with a "continuous" production system, allows an effective and rational management of orders.

Isometal Srl, located with its own production plant in a geographically strategic region such as Sicily, makes use of the know-how and experience of a sector leader, present for over 60 years on the international market: Isolpack Spa.

In addition to the polyurethane and mineral fiber insulation panels, Isometal Srl markets corrugated sheets and a wide range of metal accessories that guarantee an integrated construction system. The professionalism, quality and technology of Isometal Srl offer competitive and versatile products, suitable for any use in the most varied applications.



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This section is completely dedicated to the world of design and collects everything that interests designers who work in CAD. Through this section precious material is available for collection of construction details and installation of Isometal pre-insulated panels.

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Production under Isolpack license

Isometal is associated with Confindustria

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