ISOMETAL is the new industrial reality that redesigns the Italian panorama of industrialized construction.


It makes use of experience, licenses, patents and certifications obtained by a Group of companies established in Europe in the production of pre-insulated panels, corrugated sheets, cold rooms, renewable energy, noise remediation.

Isometal responds to the needs of the market with a range of products of advanced design and versatility: corrugated sheets, AM series corrugated sheets, Ampex structural system, pre-insulated metal panels with insulation in mineral fiber or polyurethane foam, accessories and complements.

Isometal is your ideal partner with products and solutions that take advantage of the technology shared with the most famous brands in the sector, while offering an unsurpassed quality-price ratio.

Isometal offers the most complete range of components for industrialized construction, including insulated panels for each application and a wide range of accessories that no other operator can offer.

Isometal distributes its products and services in numerous European countries such as: Germany, France, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovenia ... and non-European countries, including Turkey, Russia, Albania.

To offer the best service to customers in Southern Italy, production takes place in the VILLAFRANCA TIRRENA factory, where modern and sophisticated instruments for research and development are installed.



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This section is completely dedicated to the world of design and collects everything that interests designers who work in CAD. Through this section precious material is available for collection of construction details and installation of Isometal pre-insulated panels.

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Isometal is associated with Confindustria

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