Turin, 26th March 2020

    Joint press release:

    Isolpack S.p.A., Isotecnica S.r.l, R&WPanel International S.r.l., Isometal S.r.l 

    We believe useful and necessary to communicate that, already before the entry into force of the stringent prescriptions provided by the various successive DPCM, operating methods of maximum guarantee had been put in place for the health of workers and all people who had access to all factories.

    The full implementation of smart working has, even more, created safe conditions for carrying out office work.

    With these actions, the companies have pursued and obtained high standards protection in each department, making safe: production, shipments, receiving goods and customer assistance.

    As required by the latest government regulations, although compliance with the dictates tighter work safety, factories have been placed on stand by waiting for new regulations.

    Some economic operators, active in the field of light prefabrication, asked us for the availability of materials for the construction of infrastructures useful for the expansion of medical facilities, compartmentalisation of rooms for urgent healthcare use, pharmaceutical and D.P.I. production and to these specific requests was given an immediate positive response.

    With this communication, the Companies disclose their complete availability and prompt intervention capacity, in compliance with the safety prescriptions for workers, to respond the needs relating exclusively the existing health emergency, upon obtaining the essential authorizations from the Prefecture competence.

    The contribution that the Companies, placed at the four cardinal points of Italy, strengthened by the experience of almost 70 years of activity, wish to offer is efficiency, service, immediacy, in a context where the time factor is decisive, acting with a joint work that few can or are able to offer in this particular and difficult moment in support of the sectors still active.

    The commitment always made in favor of worker safety, environmental protection, respect for the rules, makes companies ready today also to face situations previously unthinkable with the conviction shared by all collaborators that "together we will make it".

    Polyurethane Panels

    The different Isometal solutions make up a complete system of pre-insulated monolithic metal panels, suitable for any kind of roof. The insulation consists of a rigid polyurethane foam which allows to design lightweight, highly insulating structures with excellent reaction to fire requirements. In many cases Isometal panels can be used to replace the...


    Pannelli isolanti sandwich da copertura

    Ecoline Wool Panels

    ECOLINE is the ideal solution for buildings with high demands on sustainability, fire resistance and energy efficiency. ECOLINE (in the non-standard version) REI class, ensure: Mechanical resistance under the action of fire, airtightness or seal to smoke, and insulation in the transmission of heat. The panels are a valid response based on the attention...



    Specifically designed for roofs of buildings with historical and architectural interest, it increases the value of the building by creating a prestigious aesthetic effect that faithfully follows the shape of tiles roof. SUPERCOPPO is the first panel that imitates the shape of traditional tiles roof and produced in a continuous cycle.


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    Supercoppo (drone shot)

    SUPERCOPPO is the panel that imitates the shape of traditional tiles roof, produced in a continuous cycle...


    T3 b-roof Certification

    We are pleased to announce to our customers that our Isometal 5g panels from 30 to 120 mm thick in polyurethane (PUR)...


    Joint companies press release:

    We believe useful and necessary to communicate that, already before the entry into force of the stringent prescriptions...



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    This section is completely dedicated to the world of design and collects everything that interests designers who work in CAD. Through this section precious material is available for collection of construction details and installation of Isometal pre-insulated panels.

    Pannelli isolanti sandwich da copertura

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